Resettlement and gender dimensions of land right in post conflict Northern Uganda

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Kampala International University. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study intended to correlate between the current resettlement and gender dimensions of land rights in Amuru Sub County, Amuru district. The study employed descriptive correlation and retrospective survey design, using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. A sample of 187 respondents was taken. A researcher made questionnaire was used to collect data which was used to answer four research objectives which included determining; (i) the profile of the respondents in terms of age, sex, level of education and year of stay in the area, (ii) the level of resettlement, (iii) the level of gender dimensions of land rights, (iv) if there is a significant relationship between the level of resettlement of the people and the level of gender dimensions of land rights. Data analysis was done using frequencies and percentage distributions to analyze data on respondent’s profile. The findings indicated that most of the respondents were female with 66.7%, ranged between 31-40 years of age with 44.4 %, over 44.4% attained primary education, and over 44.4% were single. Over 54.0°k had stayed in the area for between 6-10 years. On the level of resettlement, the average mean showed 3.03(high) on likert scale. The level of gender dimension of land rights had an average mean of 2.2(10w), this means that the level of gender dimensions of land right was low, The researcher recommended that there is need to improve on the gender imbalance since most of them were found to be females, the government should distribute land fairly among the community. There is for government to sensitize the community about the importance of gender dimensions of land rights, the government should recognize the low level of education among the community and work towards promoting education of the community members to enable promotion of gender dimension of land rights
A thesis presented to the collage of higher degrees and research in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building of Kampala International University
Resettlement, Gender dimensions, Post conflict, Land rights, Northern Uganda