The effectiveness of the law on refugees in Uganda: a case study of Congolese refugees

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Kampala International University, School of Law
We have seen for a very long time how Uganda as a country has been flooded by refugees from all over the world however the greatest inflow of refugees was from the Congolese people after the first and second Congo war which caused a whole lot of them to migrate from their country seeking for shelter and safety in the neighboring countries, Uganda however welcomed many of those and along the years they became permanent residents waiting for the Congo war to subsidize and eventually return to their country. However it should be noted that much as they are refugees in a foreign country they are entitled to particular rights according to international instruments and domestic laws governing that particular country. This research paper looks at how the law both domestic and international has been effective enough to these Congolese refugees living in Uganda. The paper centers on the problems that have been faced by the refugees and how the law has come in to ensure that the refugees get adequate and maximum security while living in a foreign country, it also looks at the loopholes that are in the law itself in administering justice to these refugees. The paper further looks at the some recommendations that these international and domestic instruments or, the countries implementing such laws in their governance ought to look at in order to see to the effectiveness of the law on refugees living in Uganda, and probably those undergoing a similar scenario in other countries. Furthermore the research is centered on how the refugees are handling the pressure of leaving in a foreign country, more so how life is like living in the camps, and how the government of Uganda has come out to ensure that the conditions under which they are living are good.
A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of Law in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award the Bachelors Degree of Legal Laws (LLB) of Kampala International University.
Law, Refugees, Uganda, Congolese refugees