Barriers to effective communication amongst learners with hearing impairment in an inclusive setting in Labongo Layamo Sub county Kitgum District

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Kampala International University.College of Economics and Management
The study basically examined the barriers to effective commtmication of children with hearing impairment in schools. It was carried out in Labongo Layamo sub-county Kitgum district. Questionnaires and interviews were used as instrument for collecting the data. A total of 19 respondents were involved in the study. These respondents included the head teachers, teachers, children, parents and secretary for disability L.C II. The study investigated: • The study level of communication difficulties in children with hearing impairment • The behavior patterns of these children • Challenges faced by their teachers • Improvement on communication difficulties of children with hearing impairment This research revealed that, lack of special needs teachers and parental involvement has greatly caused or affected learners with communication due to hearing impairment. Their rights have been abused and their quality of life greatly declined. However, the study noted that the schools and other stakeholders in education including NGO's have made tremendous contributions in forms of identification and placement, tracing and resettlement, guidance and counseling and vocational training among others. Numbers of suggestions have been advance for the improvement of communication amongst learners with hearing impairment. Some few were guidance and counseling which was seen as the major way to enable these children improved. While emphasis was also put on training special teachers to help them in schools and building of rehabilitation centers these were thought to be the main issues to address in order to have a better citizens and some others as shown in chapter four.
Research report submitted to the board of examiners for partial fulfillment of the a ward of degree in Special Needs Education of Kampala International University
Barriers, Communication, Learners, Hearing impairment