A web solution for Entebbe municipal council

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
The purpose of the project is to provide a web solution for Entebbe Municipal Council. The specific objectives were to gather information required of the new system providing the solution, to analyze the requirements of the new proposed system, to design and test a Website for Entebbe Municipal Council. The tools employed in the methodology of the study were questionnaires, observation, internet and a camera Content analysis is the method which was used for analyzing the data gathered. Results were presented in the form of table a It was found that the departments in the municipal council were Finance and Planning Department Works and Technical Services Section, Physical Planning Department, Education Section, Health and Environment Section, Production Section, Trade Tourism and Industry, Gender and Community Services Section. The municipal council works towards contributing to poverty reduction tough the provision of sustainable resources and quality services to the people. The municipal council usually advertises its jobs in the newspapers and sometimes internally. The major requirement of the new system is that it should be able to advertise the company name and services offered. In conclusion the website was designed and it is meant to address the communication problems in the municipal council the website was tested using internet explorer web browsers- It was recommended that the municipal council should acquire resources to implement the website.
A project dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of post graduate diploma in computer science of Kampala International University
Web solution, Entebbe municipal council