The impact of electronic procurement on the organization’s efficient service delivery: A case study of Uganda breweries limited

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College of Economics and Management
This research was conducted to establish the impact of electronic procurement on the organizations' efficient service delivery taking Uganda Breweries Ltd as a Case Study. The research data was collected from both the primary and secondary source. The primary source involved gathering data from the field (Uganda Breweries Ltd) and the secondary source included text books, magazines, newspapers and internet. The study was made on 16 respondents comprising of both top management staff and subordinates. These were selected at random from the Procurement Department and other depm1ments that work hand in hand with the Procurement Department; the researcher used questionnaires and interviews to collect data. The data collected was analyzed, interpreted, and presented using both quantitative and qualitative methods. The study showed that most of the procurement activities are performed electronically and use systems such as telephones, internet, computers, and electronic data interchange etc. The study also showed that the most used mediums for communication of needs are telephones and internet. The traditional methods are used on a small scale. Most of the procurement information and records is done by use of computers and payments are done both electronically and manually. It fm1her indicated that electronic procurement improves on the flow of information, proper information and storage, increased access to a wider market, faster and reliable services and reduction of overall costs. On the other hand, it indicated that electronic procurement is complex to operate, expensive to install, insecurity of information and reduced physical contact. The researcher also identified some suggestions that could be implemented in order to solve the identified problems that could hinder the proper execution of procurement activities such as proper planning, putting up an Information Technology department and increased funding of the project.
A research report submitted to Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for award of the degree of Bachelor of Supplies and Procurement and Management
Electronic procurement, Service delivery, Uganda breweries limited