Employee retention and organizational performance in Golis telecom, Puntland State, Somalia

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Kampala International University, College of economics and management
This study determines the influence of employee retention on organizational performance at Golis telecommunication company, Puntland Somalia. The objectives were to determine the effect of job satisfaction on organizational performance, to determine the effect of job embeddedness on organizational performance and to determine the effect of job motivation on organizational performance in Golis Telecommunication Company in Puntland- Somalia. The study used a case study descriptive research design with a sample size of 109 respondents and attained information from 102 respondents. The sampling method used was simple random sampling. Data was collected using self-administered questionnaires. The data was analyzed using frequency tables, mean, percentages and simple linear regression was used to establish the effect between employee retention constructs and organizational performance. The majority of respondent were male with 58(56.9%) ranging 38-47 years, (60.9%) were Bachelor holders and had experience 7-10 years (33.3%) The results on the first objective showed that a low statistically significant effect of Job satisfaction on performance of Golis Telecommunication Company .it was rated moderate on average (overall mean, 3.098). The research findings indicate that job satisfaction has significantly generate performance Golis company although this is to low levels. Secondly the study found that Job embeddedness has significant but low effect on organizational performance in Golis telecommunication company Puntland Somalia. It was rated fairly good on average (overall mean. 3.138) The study results based on the findings indicate that presence of Job embeddednes generate low but significant organization performance. Thirdly the study found that Job motivation is significant in inducing the performance of Golis Telecommunication Company. It was rated fairly good on average (2.835) The findings indicate that a moderate significant effect was detected between job motivation and performance of Golis Telecommunication Company. The study conclude that the presence of enhanced job satisfaction is key in developing the performance for the company, the study conclude that parameters developed to job satisfaction can generate the financial health of Golis telecommunication company. Secondly, the study concludes that job embeddedness is an avenue that can generate performance of Golis telecom. The study concludes hence that the avenues for the stimulation of the embeddedness for the employees induce their loyalty to the performance increments among the employees. Thirdly the study concludes that the presence of the job motivation generally induces the performance levels of the employees in Golis telecommunication. The study concludes that generation of means for the motivation in jobs can induce the performance of the entire Golis Company. The study recommends that mechanisms for job determination and measures need to be well assessed. The study recommends further that development of mechanisms towards the design of jobs and job specifications. Secondly the study recommend for salary increment contributes significantly to organization productivity. It’s hence vital to argue that productivity of the organizations can be generated through increased the stakes in allowances provision to the staff finally the study recommend for closer assessment of the communication network and mechanisms significant for cooperation amongst the employees in the organizations. The study recommend for a fair development of avenues which can stimulate the performance mechanism of the company.
A research report submitted to the college of economics and management in partial fulfilment for the requirement of the award of Master of Arts in human resource and management of Kampala International University
Employee, Retention, Organizational performance, Somalia