Assessment of factors hindering family planning service utilisation among women of reproductive age in Mubende Town Council

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Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences
The purpose of the study was to establish the factors hindering family planning utilization in Mubende Town Council. It was found out that women were highly aware of family planning and its benefits and many had ever used family planning methods (87.50%), but the dropout rate was high (21.30% ) especially among married women (31.50%) due to lack of sustained information and counseling about family planning, difficulties in accessing family planning services, associated side effects (63.1% ), negative attitude towards some contraceptive methods(11.20%), scarcity of family planning supplies(28.80%) and few working hours at the available health centers(open late and close early). One of the nurses at a health units at MTC reported that the health unit hardly gets adequate supply of contraceptive methods visa vie the demand population and always experienced stock outs of the methods. Also long distance to the health units affect accessibility (12.5%) and financial constraints (13.80%) because family planning services in private clinics have to be paid for. Many women use family planning in secrecy, thus inject plan which offers protection for a long duration (3months) was the commonly preferred because pills are hard to hide from spouses who are not supportive(42.5%). Among those using family planning only 23.50% had supportive husbands...
A research report submitted to the Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery of Kampala International University
Family planning, Factors hindering family planning service utilisation among women, Reproduction, Mubende Town Council