Effects of conflict on the delivery of social services a case study of Nungwi, North “A”District North Ungunja: Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Kampala international University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
This study investigated effects of armed conflicts on delivery of social services in Nungwi District of Zanzibar. The region continues to experience intermittent conflict from Bachaga and Sukunn. The specific study objectives include; finding out the services affected by the conflicts; to identify the people affected by conflicts in accessing services and to find new methods of delivering the services in suit violence — tone areas. The literature indicates little success in resolving the conflict. The method for the study involved the use of questionnaires~ interviews, and an observations source of data was qualitatively analyzed. The use of SPSS techniques of analysis helped in establishing tables for easy interpretation and analysis. The study sample size was 200 respondents and sample technique used include simple random sampling and purposive. The major finding of the study indicates that cattle rustling and civil wars are the common forms of conflicts. The factor for the increased prevalence of conflicts is Socio - cultural factors, legal factors and lack of commitment by the government in resolving the conflict. Effects of the conflict manifest themselves in low levels of socio — economic development, poor health service delivery among others. The study recommends for concerted efforts by all stakeholders in bringing meaningful life to the effected people as in chapter five. The conflict vastly affects the welfare of children, women i.e the people of Sukuxna in Nungwi District
A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Bachelor of Guidance and Counseling at Kampala International University
Social services, Nungwi, North “A”District North Ungunja, Zanzibar, Tanzania