Procurement processes and procurement performance in selected procuring entities of Rwanda:

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Kampala international international : College of Economics and Management
This study was meant to establish the relationship between the public procurement processes and the procurement performance in the selected procuring entities of Rwanda. The study was based on the following objectives: to establish the level of awareness and knowledge on the utilization of public procurement processes by public institutions in Rwanda, ii)to find out the role played by the Rwandan public procurement laws in ensuring value for money and good quality execution of contracts with in procuring entities of Rwanda, iii) to examine the level of Procurement performance in the selected public institutions in Rwanda, iv) to establish if there is any significant relationship between the procurement processes and the procurement performance of public institutions in Rwanda. The study employed descriptive correlational design; data was collected using researcher devised questionnaires and an interview guide. The researcher used a Pearson correlation Coefficient (r) and the regression analysis to establish the relationship between the variables. In regard to Gender, men dominated the research with 61% of the respondents, majority 50% of the respondents fell in the category of 30-39 years, with majority 65.5% being married as and above all being educated to the level of a Bachelor’s with 59%. The study finding showed an average mean of 3.92 on the knowledge level on the utilization of procurement process in the selected public institutions in Rwanda which was interpreted to be satisfactory. About the role played by the Rwandan public procurement laws in procurement performance, the results revealed an average mean of4.16 interpreted as very satisfactory. The level of procurement performance revealed an average mean of 4.11, meaning it was also very satisfactory. The results showed a significant and strong relationship between public procurement processes (r 0.888**, Sig.0.008) meaning that performance is very much linked to the procurement performance as supported by the regression analysis that revealed a very significant relationship (Sig. 0.008) between profitability at a 95% level of significance. The researcher concluded that public procurement processes are the cornerstone on which procurement performance can be build. The researcher recommended that the government should promote lawfulness to ensure the sustainability of the procurement performance as he suggested building capacity of the pre-qualified contractors and the other government stakeholders so that they effectively become aware of the procurement cycle .
A thesis submitted to the college of higher degrees and research in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Master of Business Administration of Kampala International University
procurement performance, Procurement processes, Rwanda