Influence of headteachers’ leadership styles on students’ performance ( At Uganda Certificate of Education in Makindye East Division Central Uganda

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Kampala International University, School of Education
The purpose of the study was to investigate the influence of head teachers’ leadership styles on students performance at UCE in public secondary schools in Makindye East Division. The study objectives were; to establish the influence of autocratic leadership style on UCE performance in Makindye East Division, to determine the influence of democratic leadership style on UCE performance in Makindye East Division and to establish the influence of Laissez-faire leadership style on UCE, performance in Makindye East Division. The study was based on Fielder’s contingency theory of leadership and employed descriptive survey research design. The sample for the study comprised of 10 secondary schools in the Makindye East division with 20 head teachers, 20 deputy headteachers and 100 teachers. The design adapted for this study was descriptive survey. The study used head teachers~, deputy head teachers and teachers questionnaires for data collection. Based on the findings, it was concluded that Democratic leadership style was most applied in primary schools that were identified to have better academic performance. Democratic leadership styles are applied by some head teachers and it comes second in academic performance while most of schools indicated that their head teachers applied autocratic leadership style and have dismal academic performance. While the schools that indicated that their head teachers apply laissez-faire leadership style scored very poor performance since everyone is left to do as they will. Based on the findings it was recommended that head teachers should use the most appropriate leadership style that facilitates collective responsibility and which creates a conducive teaching and learning environment in schools. It was also recommended that there was need for facilitating head teachers leadership skills as they had a direct relationship with students academic performance. The study also recommended that head teachers should be provided with in-service courses on leadership which is a prerequisite for academic performance.
A research project submitted to the College of Education in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the Bachelors Degree Secondary Education Kampala International University
Headteachers’ leadership styles, Leadership styles, Students’ performance, Uganda Certificate of Education, Makindye East Division, Uganda