Critical analysis of the performance of police according to the existing laws in Uganda.

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
The topic of the study was critical analysis of the performance of police according to the existing laws in Uganda. The study was carried out in Uganda in Kampala district. The study was guide by three objectives as follows; To Describe and analyze the existing strategies used to enhance the performance of the police officers in the Republic of Uganda with existing laws of Uganda; To identify challenges faced by the police forces to implement the procedures of the Uganda rules and regulations on; and to recommend 'smart motivation strategies' and incentives for police officers according to the principles of the Uganda constitution of 1995. The researcher used the questionnaire method to collect the required infom1ation on the topic. The researcher used both secondary and primary data; where in the primary data was collected through interviewing the respondents, whereas secondary data included the use of text books, research remise, internet, article, books, and newspapers. The findings of the study indicated that police performance has been criticized by the nationals due to their controversial performance where people are not treated equally , tried before instigation are carried out, others have suffered innocently this has therefore, caused people to doubt, hate the police performance in Uganda. The recommendation, the researcher recommends that, Uganda police force should be independent and of the government whereby they should be neutral in executing their duties, the performance should also be motivated to reduce the levels of corruption which makes them to act in unprofessional manner to apply non-violent means as far as possible before resorting to the use of force and firearms; to only use force and fireman’s in promotion to the seriousness of the offence and the legitimate objective to be achieved; to minimize damage and injury and to respect and preserve human life; to provide prompt assistance and medical aid to any injured person whenever unavoidable use of force was applied, and to notify the person's relatives or close friends as soon as possible; and to promptly report to a superior officer any incident involving injury or death caused by the use of force and firearms;
A research submitted at the school of law as partial Requirement for the a ward of a bachelor's degree in Law of Kampala international University
Civil law, Performance, Police, Uganda., Existing laws