The Role of the Broadcasting Media in Promoting Gender Equality in Uganda: A Case Study of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (Uganda Broadcasting Corporation) Kampala Central.

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in mass communication
This research report on the "Role of Broadcasting Media in Promoting Gender Equality in Uganda" was carried out at Uganda Broadcasting Corporation and its specific aims were to verify the role played my media in the promotion of gender equality; to identify the copping practices amongst the gender equality promotion factions and lastly to establish the government intervention/contribution to gender equality promotion. To grasp the problem of the study, a documentary review of Literature was done on role played my media in the promotion of gender equality, identification of copping practices amongst the gender equality promotion factions government intervention/contribution to gender equality promotion. The study was approached through a descriptive exploratory design where use of both qualitative and quantitative methods was followed through which the researcher obtained data as the regards the major theme of the study from reporters, managers and programme coordinators who constituted a sample of 60 respondents. The research instruments administered included, a Questionnaire and an interview guide. The Study findings on the role of media in gender promotion revealed that, media played a great role in advocating for education of the girls and thus changed the parents attitude about the way they felt about girls, which increased on the level of women participation in the different spheres; NGOs were also realized to play a major role in the empowerment of women through advocating for their rights and supporting women factions financially and the government is also realized to intervene through promoting the women politically and including them in the constitution (domestic bill) to reduce on the inequality gap. The study concluded that, although there are existing obstacles in gender promotion, the media has given women a way forward through public campaigns as the major way through which equality can be obtained and different organizations also had their input in the gender promotion through promotion of women's education as the major trend and government through the domestic bill and the constitution has fought for equality of all. The study recommended that in order to improve on the status of women in society the government of Uganda and concerned NGOs should; improve on its laws that govern the violence of women's rights; revise its annual budget to allocate more funds to gender promotion programmes; sensitize women into the need of fighting for a common purpose; champion the campaign of empowerment to support young female academicians; support girls in education, by encouraging every woman to love and support themselves and never underestimate themselves; write information on best practices to share with partners on achieving women empowering objectives; recognize that violence against women is a human rights issue and lastly, should encourage women MPs to work towards the empowerment of women by supporting the enactment of laws that address gender parity and women's empowerment.
A Research Report Submitted To The Faculty Of Social Sciences In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of The Degree Of Bachelor Of Mass Communication Of Kampala International University
Broadcasting Media, Promoting Gender Equality, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation