The protection of male victims against domestic violence in Uganda

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Kampala International University, School of Law
This study prevention of male victim's against domestic violence in Uganda was carried out in the whole of Uganda, sample areas being Kampala, Kabala, Tororo, Kasese and Gulu Districts. Is a specific aim of examining the effects, causes, and how to prevent violence on men. In the comprehensive of the study, the researcher reviewed literature from various scholars on the major variables as well as different laws and polices of various countries in the common wealthy particularly those neighboring Uganda. Data collection for this study involved meeting different categories of people in markets, bodaboda stages, visiting LC leadership in the area, court, RDC'S office, police in order to explore all avenues where the victims of domestic violence are likely to go for help. Then the data was analyzed and interpreted according to the frequency of accuracy to each factor and to the purpose of the study. Domestic violence is very common in families however the great reluctance of many men and boys to report sexual and domestic violence makes it very difficult to accurately assess its scope and impact. Therefore it is not easy to advocate for a group of people who deliberately leave with the challenge and are not willing to speak out about it. The study recommends that the national gender policy 2007 needs to be reviewed too in order to appreciate and reflect a fact that men do suffer domestic violence too. Responding to the needs f male victims should be identical to responding the needs of female victims because they experience similar situations. The author presents some recommendations.
A research proposal submitted to the school of law in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelors of laws Degree of Kampala International University
Protection, Male victims, Domestic violence, Uganda