Teacher perception on motivation and how it affects performance in primary schools: a case study of Kabartonjo division of Baringo district.

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Kampala International University, School of Education, Open and Distance and E-learning
This study was basically going to investigate the teachers’ perception on motivation and how it affects performance in primary schools in Kabartonjo division. Motivation in any organization is one of the major factors, which contribute to high productivity (Nzuve, 1999: 38). Motivation is the willingness to exert some level of effort to achieve organizational goals; conducted by the ability to satisfy some individual needs. Currently in Kabartonjo, the demand for education at all levels of education is growing faster and therefore the numbers of teachers are not relatively increasing in public primary schools. With teacher motivation, it’s expected that the available few teachers in a school do maximally their duties in their respective schools and improve performance. The study was based on Herzberg two-way factor theory of motivation. This theory points out clearly the motivation factor in an organization, which are applicable in a school situation and also hygiene factor which are found in education management in general. The study will be carried out amongst primary school teachers employed by T.S.C in Kabartonjo division’s public primary schools. The research employed descriptive survey where the researcher with the aid of research assistant administered questionnaires, which are both close and open ended. Purposive sampling was used in the process. The primary data collected from the field was analyzed using Statistical Programme for Social Sciences (SPSS) and results interpreted using descriptive statistics such as frequency tables. The study findings indicated that teachers were poorly motivated and thus need a reversal of that trend. Teachers call for recognition and meritocracy in the educational processes.
A research project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of degree in bachelor of education early childhood and primary education of Kampala International University.
Teacher perception, Motivation, Performance, Primary Schools, Kabartonjo division, Baringo district