Impacts of human displacement by war on the environment of Bortown, Jonglei State, Southern Sudan

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Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Science
The research on the impact of human displacement by war on the environment was conducted in Bortown, ongutel state, southern Sudan. Major areas of Interrogation were; forms of environmental degradation its effects on the Environment and remedies put in place to stop their prevalence. To get the Insight of the existing various forms of environmental degradation1 various methods like photographic interviews; questionnaire and observation were used to collect data. During study, the level of environmental degradation according to various forms of environmental degradation were exhibited as follows; deforestation 18.37%, poor sanitation 24.49%. Poverty 08. 6%, poor solid waste management 16.33%, flood occurrence 20.31% and pollution 12.24% with poor sanitation taking high percentage among all the various forms of environmental degradation in town. The study reveals that the end results of the environmental degradation in town ranges from its negative impacts on health, education, water quantity and quality and agriculture. The researcher found some measures put in place to stop the community in carrying out environmental degradation activities. This includes; construction of drainage system and public latrines, provision of food, intensification of town survey process and installation of motorized water pump systems. The research finding came up with following recommendation; construction of Landfills for proper solid waste disposal, decongestant, public awareness and environmental education in town to bring a positive change.
A dissertation submitted to the department of environment in partial fulfillment of we requirement for award of a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental management of Kampala International University
Human displacement, war, Environment, Southern Sudan