Teaching strategies utilized in selected inclusive primary schools in Nairobi east district-Kenya

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College of Education, Open & Distance Learning
This research was carried out in order to determine teaching strategies utilized in selected inclusive primary school in Nairobi East District, Kenya. The study sought to determine the demographic characteristics of the respondents such as gender, professional qualifications, number of years of teaching experience in the primary school and number of subjects taught in one academic year. It also sought to establish the various teaching strategies utilized by the re respondents, the extent of the teaching strategies utilized by the respondents and the significant difference between male and female teachers in terms of extent of teaching strategies utilized. One hundred and sixty one respondents were involved in the study, the sampling was done using the universals sampling from six primary schools in the district. Data was collected using self-administered questionnaire. Data was collected using methods such as interviewing, questionnaires, reliability and validity, procedure for data collection and lastly data analysis and presentation results were coded in SPPS for better analysis. The study findings established that majority of the respondents were males at 59.4% of which the majority had certificate as the highest academic qualification comprising 49.7% while majority had teaching experience of between 3-4 years at 42.9%. The study also established that there are various teaching strategies utilized in inclusive primary schools which included the following; active learning ranked as the most commonly used strategy, followed by lecture method. Other teaching methods used include: case method, demonstration method, discussion method, collaborating method. Learning by teaching explanation method, cooperative method, interactive technology and distance learning in that order. The study also established that there was a relationship between gender and methods of teaching as well as teaching experience and methods of teaching however both were insignificant. The study recommended that a number of subjects taught in one academic year should range between 3 to 4.
A Thesis Presented to the College of Higher Degrees and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda In partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Education in Special Needs Education
Teaching strategies, Primary schools, Inclusive education, Nairobi east district-Kenya