Trans boundary river disputes; a comparative legal analysis of Tigris - Euphrates And The Nile Rivers Treaties

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Kampala International University.School of Law
This study set out to examine the Trans boundary river disputes; a comparative analysis of Tigris-Euphrates and the Nile treaties. The study established that the riparian states comprising of the Nile basin and 77gris/Euphrates basin have for a decade discussed and failed to come up with an acceptable agreement between themselves on the use of the rivers traversing their territories. The study examined the International legal regime and a host of principle of laws and regulations regarding water resources. Other significant influences’ were also examine The study established that in both basins, there were pre — colonial agreements which were crafted purposely to suit the colonial interests and post -colonial agreements have neither resolved the disparities, nor come up with alternative ways of settling the dispute. The study came up with recommendations which could be used as basis for States to craft future agreements for the water resources.
A Dissertation Presented to the College of Higher Degrees and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Masters in Commercial Law
Transboundary river disputes, a comparative legal analysis