Youths livelihood programme and reduction of youth employment in Iganga municipality

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study assessed the influence of youths livelihood programme on youth employment in Iganga Municipality. The study focused on establishing the state of youth employment in Iganga municipality, assessing the effectiveness of youths livelihood programme in supporting youth employment in the Iganga municipality, and assessing the contribution of other factors in influencing youth employment in Iganga municipality.The study employed a descriptive research design. Cluster sampling and purposive sampling, and convenience sampling approaches were used to select the respondents of the study. A sample size of 300 respondents selected. Questionnaires, focus group discussion guides,interview guides and observation check list were the main tools used for collection of primary data. Counts from the collected data were made and translated into percentages which were majorly presented in tables. Basing on objective one; the study revealed that6l% of the respondents said they were employed, and 57.6% of the employed respondents worked in the informal sector. 58.8% of the respondents said they had part time job contracts, and 61% said they earned 300.000 UG Shs and below per month. According to the second objective, the study indicated that; 65.3% of the employed respondents said they worked in a private organization; 23.6% of them said they owned private businesses, and majority of them owned micro and small scale businesses which were predominantly in the service and manufacturing sectors. Basing on the third objective, the study indicated that 48.2% of the respondents said family background had greatest influence on youth employment; and 22.5% said they mainly relied on media to have access to job opportunities. The study recommends that; employers should be more flexible when recruiting fresh graduates. Their capabilities should not merely be judged basing on job experience, minimum wage policy can be adopted in the private sector to reduce the rate of exploitation,the government should revise its mode of levying taxes on newly established youth entrepreneurship projects, and policies for strengthening youth employment should be closely monitored to ensure effective implementation.
A dissertation submitted to college of humanities and political administrative studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of bachelor’s degree of public administration of Kampala International university
Youths livelihood programme, Youth employment, Iganga municipality, Iganga municipality