Have the people in rural areas benefited from their communication systems? Case study: Wambabya Development Scheme

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was about whether people in rural areas benefit from their communication systems. It is out of the researchers' curiosity to identify the validity Isocrates' observation that "Because there has been implanted in us the power to persuade each other ... not only have we escaped the life of wild beasts but we have come together and founded cities and made laws and founded aits" The researcher, therefore, had to study communication systems used in rural areas, modern and traditional, hindrances of communication in rural areas, the extent to which communication systems are responsible for the (under) development in rural areas, factors other than communication responsible for the under development in rural areas, and, how to improve on the communication systems in rural areas. Wambabya Development Scheme being a rural area with a lot of traditional communication systems was the most suitable area for carrying out research. The researcher used qualitative and qualities study to reveal all the details. Stratified sampling procedures were used. Questionnaires, interview guides and observation sheets were used to collect raw data.Data was handled by use of tables, graphs, piecharts and computer programme epi info was instrumental in analyzing data according to codes entered.
A research report submitted in to Kampala International University as a Partial Fulfillment of the Award of a Bachelor of Mass Communication Degree
Rural Areas, Communication Systems, People, Wambabya Development Scheme