Motivation and employee performance in organizations, a case study of Uganda revenue authority (URA)

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Kampala International University, Colleges of Humanities and Social sciences
The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship of motivation on the performance of employees in Uganda revenue authority. This was to determine the forms of employee motivating techniques used by Uganda revenue authority. Also, to find out the factors enhancing employees’ motivation within Uganda revenue authority (URA). To establish effects of motivation on employees’ performance in Uganda revenue authority this study was based on the effect of motivation i.e. provide incentives. recognizes achievement. creates a positive work environment. Share profits etc on employee performance in organizations as indicated by improved service delivery, work productivity increased organizational profits, reduced employee turnover efficiency, effectiveness, good morale for employees and job satisfaction the study was very significant to the different stakeholders that include; management. The researcher. suppliers. consumers and government organizations in the following ways the study was of the helpful to the employers that might find the findings of this study relevant to their organizations. this study used a descriptive survey research design where people’s views and opinions were sought and described accordingly to establish how motivation influences organization performance in ura. the study employed both qualitative and quantitative approaches. qualitative approach is justifiable as it helps in the generation of non-numerical data. While quantitative approach on the other hand is useful for generating quantitative data, and others approaches are considered useful as they enrich the study methods.
A research report submitted to the college of humanities and social sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of bachelor’s degree of public administration of Kampala International University
Motivation, Employee Performance, Organizations, Uganda revenue authority