Customer service and customer retention in the telecommunications sector in Uganda. a case study of Mtn- Uganda

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Kampala International University,College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was conduct to determine the impact of customer services and customer retention in telecommunication sector a case study of MTN-Uganda. The study aim at finding out the various structures of customer service in MTN Uganda, finding out the determinants and influencers of customer retention in MTN Uganda and exploring the impacts customer service on customer retention to MTN Uganda. The research collects the necessary using employee questionnaire and customer questionnaires. The data collected from the field was analysis using table, pie chart and graph to find out if their was any relationship between customer services and customer retention in telecommunication sectors. From analysis as per the information got from the field it shows that there is no balance in sex during recruitment and selection of new employees. This is evidenced with 16% representing female while 24%1 represents male. This shows there is no balance in terms of sex during the time of employment. The finding of data analysis proved that there was no promotion in terms of employee go for further study, according to the research their few number of employee who have master level where by is 6% out of 40% total percentage this means management does not give chance their employee to go for further study to meet the competitive advantage to their fellow rival company. It was concluded that customer services or customer care has great impact or effect toward customer retention in the telecommunications sectors especially in economic development as well as competitive business environment where by organization need to have good customer services as well as to conduct work activities to the required standards which can be able to retention their customer.
A research project submitted to the school of business and management in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Human Resource Management of Kampala International University (KIU)
Customer service, customer retention, telecommunications, Mtn- Uganda