Development and Implementation of an Interactive Real time Shopping Technique: A Case Study of Kampala New Style Book Store (U) Ltd

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Kampala International University, School of Information Technology and business computing
The project’s main objective was to design and implement a Real-time Shopping Technique to enhance market productivity of New styles Bookstore with the a view of improving its product exposure in the internet, minimizing the barrier of distance, time constraints and providing a conducive environment for an organized timely reports so to improve the decision making by management and the overall performance of the company. New styles Bookstore Ltd was not using any On-line transaction technique in the processing of selling product and giving services related to that. The traditional way of selling product has its own several shortcomings. To mention some; It slower than OLTP, it had a big geographical restrictions and its less efficient. Real-time Transaction shopping application was designed with dynamic web pages and data bases, to store all the related data about the transactions and the products. This system several strong features. The New styles Bookstore will benefit from this system as its market share in the Web is going to increase because of its exposure and convenient service to its customers. This in turn can increase its popularity dramatically. This system will also help, the management of the company, by simplifying their tasks of supervising the trends of the products; the amount of products sold, the most popular and unpopular product, the product which is out of stock etc. Therefore in general tents, the system will be beneficial to the company in making effective decisions and in increasing its revenue.
A Project Report Submitted to College of Applied Sciences And Technology in Partial Fulfillment for the Award of Bachelor’s Degree of Information Technology and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Computing of Kampala International University
Development and Implementation of an Interactive Real time Shopping, Kampala New Style Book Store