Challenges of Girl- Child Education in Masaba Sub-County In Busia District, Uganda.

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Kampala International University,College of Education, Open, Distance And E-Learning
This study examined the challenges of girl-child education in Masaba sub-county in Busia district. This was after the realization of the impact of educating a girl-child in Masaba sub county Busia district. The study sjecifically sought to achieve the following objectives: To identify the indicators of girl-child education in Masaba sub-county Busia district, to investigate the determinants of girl-child education in Masaba sub-county in Busia district, and to identify the strategies for enhancing girl-child education in Masaba sub-county in Busia district. To achieve the stated objectives, the study was guided by the following research questions: what are the indicators of girl-child education? What are the determinants of girl-child education? What strategies can enhance girl-child education in Masaba sub-county in Busia district? The study design took the form of a case study of Masaba sub-county Busia district. The study also involved a purposive sampling I which the data was sought qualitative. A sample of 100 respondents was selected for the study. The sample included students, teachers, and parents. The two categories of teachers and parelits were represented by twenty five respondents each and the students were represented by fifty respondents respectively. The data was collected using interviews, observation and focus group discussions for primary data and documents analysis for secondary data. The analysis of data generated by interviews, observations and focus group discussions involved deep understanding of the observed phenomena, interviews and discussions for the respondents, accurate depictions and recitations of the surfacing issues out of which the valid conclusions were made. During the interviews~ observations and focus group discussions, the researcher noted down relevant episodes, situations, events for accurate reporting. The main themes that emerged from the field notes and interviews were noted down The study found out that the indicators of girl child education in Masaba sub-county Busia district included aspects such as access to educatio~n, increased enrolment of girls, women in formal sector and number of girl schools. The study revealed the determinants of girl-child education which included social economic factor, pregnancy and marriage, domestic work, social exclusion, unequal labour market, menstruation, social-cultural factor, sexual violence and abuse, the school environmental factors, parents level of education, and distance to school.
A Dissertation Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement for the Award of the 1) Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Education Of Kampala International University, Uganda
Challenges of Girl- Child, Girl- Child Education