E -procurement and organizational efficiency in Tororo cement Limited: acase study of Tororo Cement Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study was aimed at examining the relationship between the electronic procurement and organizational efficiency in private sector in Uganda in Tororo cement in Tororo as the case study. The study was based on the following main objectives which were to evaluate the E-procurement methods on organization efficiency in Tororo cement , to assess the level of organization efficiency in Tororo cement and to examine the effects of E-procurement methods on organization efficiency in Tororo. The study employed the cross sectional research design to explore the content pertaining the relationship between e-procurement and organizational efficiency given to Tororo cement as the area of focus. A sample size of I 00 respondents was obtained from the estimated research population of 134 respondents. Using solvents formula and the data obtained was computed using SPSS and person liner correlation was used to determine the relationship between e-procurement and organizational efficiency . The researcher made the following according to the findings, in e-procurement, 80% of most of the respondents strongly agree that they used E-procurement methods and also stakeholders enjoy the use of e- procurement payment methods in Tororo cement and in organizational efficiency. Most of the respondents also by 80% strongly agree that efficiently Tororo is willing to take a step in terms of development of e-procurement systems within the organization and effectively e-procurement is an essential element of cost and time saving by 80% . According to the pearson linear correlation findings, e-procurement significantly affects organization Efficiency by r- value =0.355. The researcher made the following recommendations that people should be educated on the need of participating in the upcoming newly technologies for efficiency and sustainability of the organization achievements, all stakeholders should be trained on how to operate, repair any damages on the system and maintain it without first going to consult the manufactures for technical assistance hence ensuring that the electronic procurement systems are always performing well and leading to organizational efficiency.
A research dissertation submitted to the College Of Economics and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements For The A ward of Bachelor's Degree in Supplies and Procurement Management of Kampala International University
E -procurement, organizational, Efficiency, Tororo Cement Uganda