The adoption information and communication technologies (ICTS) in small and medium enterprises in Uganda: case study small and medium enterprises in Kampala

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Kampala International University; School of Computing and Information Technology
There have been innumerable studies of the benefits and problems associated with the adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Unfortunately, few studies have focused on the Small and Medium business Enterprises (SMEs), for whom the adoption rate of ICTs is far slower than for their larger counterparts. This study assessed how the adoption of ICTs in SMEs can facilitate operations and enhance business strategies for the development and enhancement of the economy of Uganda as a whole. From the research carried out in selected business enterprises within Kampala City, Uganda's capital, it argues that the SMEs, being the dominant sector of the economy, like in other developing countries, could be transformed through the adoption of ICTs. The study looked into those factors influencing ICT adoption for companies and how the government has facilitated its use. It also pointed out those needs that were identified and how to address them. Questionnaire survey was conducted to study the adoption of ICTs for SMEs in Uganda. Discussed are the adoption constraints for SMEs' and focus on the requirements gathering process relating to the development and implementation of a Web Portal initiative. The ICT needs were identified and a suggested training design guide was laid out for the entrepreneurs to show them how digital technologies are instruments for developing business skills, getting more productive information to conduct and expose businesses locally and globally
A dissertation submitted to the School of Postgraduate Studies in partial fulfillment for the Award of the degree of the Master of Science in Computer Science of Kampala International University
Information and communication technologies, Small and medium enterprises, Uganda