Total communication philosophy and performance of students with mental retardation in Wajir county a case study of Wajir school of mentally retarded.

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Kampala International University,College of Education
This study sought to investigate the impact of total communication Philosophy in teaching learners with mental impairment. A case study of Wajir School for the Mentally Retarded in Wajir County was taken. The findings of this study are expected to assist the curriculum developers and teachers of special needs in strategising teaching of the mentally impaired.The study was guided by the following objectives; To examine the impact of total Communication Philosophy in teaching the mentally impairedjo find out challenges facing teachers of the mentally impaired; also to find out The performance of learners with mental impairement in examinations. The study was carried out in Wajir County, North Eastern Region of Kenya. Wajir county was selected because of the reseachers prior knowlegde and familiarity with the area enabling him easy access to the area of research (Wajir School for the Mentally Retarded).The research employed various ways of data collection e.g the use of questionnaires and oral interviews. The findings of the study were; the total communication philosophy helped learners with mental impairment to sit for national examinations but their performance was still below average. Teachers also faced several challenges in using total communication philosophy.
A Research Report Presented to the College of Education, Distance and Open Learning Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelors of Education with Special Needs
Performance of students, Communication philosopy, Mental retardetion, Wanjir, Uganda