Maritime border dispute and Kenya-Somalia Relations

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Kampala International University, college of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was set to assess the effect of maritime border disputes on Kenya-Somali relations on the West Indian Ocean. The study was set to examine the effect of maritime border disputes on trade relations, to identify the influence of maritime border disputes on territorial cooperation between Somalia and Kenya, and to assess, the effect of maritime border disputes on diplomatic relations between Somalia and Kenya in the West Indian Ocean. The study used phenomenological design in the study on Kenya and Somalia involving academic geographical and legal experts on the sea, diplomats, political leaders, and employees of international organizations that included action aid and UNDP. The study was conducted with 70 respondents were 19 were direct face-to-face interviews (Key Informant interview), and 51 were focus group discussions with the political leaders and employees of international organizations whereas KII was conducted with diplomats and geographical and legal experts. The study results revealed that there was a negative effect between maritime border disputes and trade relations. The second objective reveals that maritime disputes affect territorial cooperation, and the third objective concludes that the instance of maritime disputes has highly affected diplomatic relationships between Somalia and Kenya. The study recommends that the occurrence of the maritime dispute should be discouraged to curtail harming trade relations between Kenya and Somalia countries this will improve legal trade tractions handling and approvals, fighting the illicit traders who conduct business across the borders. Secondly, there is a need for international adjudication to resolve an interstate dispute in a final and peaceful manner; it may ultimately disturb the private rights that already exist in the disputed area. The study finally recommends improved diplomatic ties and trust-build among nations, getting arbiters to aid in resolving conflicts.
Research dissertation presented to the college of humanities and social sciences in partial fulfillment the requirements for the award of master of international relations and diplomatic studies of Kampala International University
Maritime border dispute, Kenya-Somalia Relations