Resources Availability and Utilization in Selected Primary Schools in Nairobi East District, Kenya

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Kampala International University, masters degree of education in educational management and administration
The study delved on the relationship between resource availability and utilization in selected public primary schools in Nairobi East District. Using a retrospective I ex-post facto descriptive survey design, data was collected from 187 teaching staffs from the primary school under study. The approximation of the study sample was determined through purposive and simple random sampling. The respondents were chosen based on the criteria that they were teaching staff, they were either male or female teaching staff, full time teaching staff from each primary school under study, They are either male or female teaching staff in various academic positions and, with teaching experience of one year and above. The finding of this study revealed that most of respondents under study were females in their middle adulthood. As far as the level of resource availability was concerned financial resources were ranked as number one followed by Human resources and lastly physical resources. In terms of resources utilization, the study revealed that physical resources were very frequently used followed by financial resources and lastly human resources which were rarely used. It was further revealed that among aspects of resource availability, there was a significant correlation on resource utilization, based on the study it was concluded that the hypothesis of no significant relationship between resource availability and utilization was rejected. The findings of the study validated the theories of Peter F. Drucker (1954). The major recommendations based on the findings were as follows: (1) All the teachers and administrators to be sensitized on the use of locally available materials in making some of the learning resources such as teaching aids. (2) All public schools should be equipped with libraries and computer laboratories which are well equipped to ensure quality learning; (3) teachers should be remunerated properly by the government to ensure that resources such as funds are properly used well in the learning institutions.
A Thesis Presented To The College Of Higher Degrees And Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Degree Of Master Of Education In Educational Management And Administration
Resources Availability and Utilization, Nairobi East District, Kenya