Influence of telenovela on youths cultural values a case study of Kawempe Division

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Kampala International University. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Telenovela have become one of the best selling programs in most of the television stations in Uganda hence stations compete with each other to show the best Telenovela for their viewers to watch or to attract other people who do not watch their stations. The study examined the influence of Telenovela movies on youth’s cultural values in Kawempe division. “The study achieved the following objectives: to examine the positive effects of Telenovela’s on youth’s culture, to examine the negative effects of Telenovela’s on youth’s culture, to explore other factures affecting youth’s cultural values, therefore the findings were based on the above objectives. Data was collected from a sample of 90 respondents in using self administered questionnaires and was later analyzed using Pearson correlation coefficient (r). The findings revealed Telenovela movies have a positive and significant relationship to youth’s cultural values in Kawempe division (P0.000<0.0l, r=375) the study concluded that majority of the respondents agreed that Telenovela has a significant relationship on youth’s cultural values. The findings showed that Telenovela have a positive effect on youth’s culture through promoting Gender, promoting equality, promoting Gender mainstreaming, promoting Right to marriage and divorce, promoting Right to property Ownership and lastly promoting Globalization. Additionally the findings showed Telenovela has negatively affected youth’s culture through promoting sexuality, promoting wide spread of HIV/AIDS, promoting Consumerism and materialism, promoted Drug abuse, promoted Moral decay , promoted Crime , and lastly promoted Homo sexuality. The study revealed other factors affecting youth’s culture which included Education, Religion, Globalization, Internet (informative technology), Socioeconomic aspects, Poverty
Dissertation submitted to the college of humanities and social science in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor's degree in mass communication of Kampala International University
Telenovela, Cultural values, Kawempe Division, youths