Advertising and Sales Volume: A Case Study of MTN Uganda Kampala District.

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management Sciences .
The study was to establish the effects of advertising on sales volume of MTN Uganda Kampala district. It was guided by a number of objectives which were; to establish the effects of advertising on the sales of MTN Uganda, Kampala district; to determine other factors affecting sales volume of MTN Uganda, Kampala district, to determine ways of improving sales and to establish the relationship between advertising and sales volume. The data was collected from primary and secondary sources. The researcher used questionnaires and interviews as research instruments. Close ended questionnaires were also used to obtain data from a sample random sampling. The respondents comprised of employees from MTN Uganda, Kampala district, the data was analyzed using percentiles as a statistical method and information presented in form of table. The findings of the study shows that, there are a number of positive effects on sales such as; influencing customer attitudes, creative awareness, persuades potential and existing customer, support purchase decisions, and creates brand loyalty and helps in new product launch. Also sales volume was affected by other factors such as; quality of the product or service, size of the market, income of the consumer, situational factors, product perceptions and personalities and market segmentation among others. From the findings sales can be improved by, targeting specific market niches, promoting your own USP, collecting contact information, removing the obstacle of risk, diversity, setting up a sales incentive programme, tier of customers and reward of customers. The research concluded that advertising and sales volume are a close knit and rely entirely on one another hence a close relationship, and if advertising is done effectively and efficiently can help to improve sales volume. Based on research findings, the following recommendations were made; the company should maintain advertising as a marketing strategy and should try to be innovative and creative in it's advertisements, targeting specific market niches is also important for the company to increase sales, the company should also aim as quality product/service deliverance. The company should set up a sales incentive programme to help it's sales staff to up sell an should collect contact information about customers, tier its customers reward outstanding consumers and the company should plan well for its marketing activities as establishing a communications budget, deciding on which activities to be carried out, and other marketing strategies to use other than advertising.
A research report submitted to the School of Business and Management in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Bachelors Degree in Marketing Management of Kampala International University.
Advertising, Sales, MTN Uganda