The role of personality in developing high performance teams case study: faculty of education: Kampala International University

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Kampala International University,College of Economics and Management
is research analyses the role of personality on team development. It investigates the role of rsonality in team development using the personality temperaments identified by David Kiersey )84),explained using Myer Briggs 16 personality types. It further looked at these personalities line with team roles based on the Belbin team roles .The research identifies the different roles i personalities existing in the education department and their roles in the execution of tasks as II as in developing the education department as unit. ing a new method of management some managers have opted for piling up the existing ployees into different teams but sometimes these teams disappoint the organization and end up aking down. Basically one wonders ifthe right skills ofpeople have been put together and they ‘e failed to add up their knowledge and have results, what could be the problem. As a earcher therefore came up with a notion that if really personality could be taken into account ile forming these groups team development in all performing teams will be realized. research findings have come to make me believe that, there is a close relationship between sonality and team performance through out the developing stages of the team and that each sonality has a crucial role to play in each stage. In this case I’ve used Kiersey temperament ~lel to explain the different personalities and Belbin team roles model to discuss the different ~s played by personalities in the team development .My case study Education department: npala international university has come to prove that these roles and personalities actually do act on team development and that there is a close relationship between personalities and the s given in the development stages.
Thesis Presented to the School of Post Graduate Studies in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree, Master of Arts with Human Resource Management Kampala International University
Developing, Perfomance, Personality