Socio - Economic Status and School Drop Out: A Case Study of Selected Schools In Masaka Municipality Masaka District

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Kampala International University, diploma in primary education
The study was basically focused on establishing the socio - economic status and school dropout taking Masaka Municipality as the case study, the seriousness of the socio- economic status and school dropout was to be unveiled by this study. In the same way effective and appropriate measures that could be applied to rectify the socio - economic status and school drop - out cases for the proper learning of the pupils were strongly expected to be identified in these study findings. The study also tried to find out the loop holes that enhanced the socio-economic status and school drop - out in the education sector of Uganda. Likewise, effective measures and techniques were to be applied and identified on how such loopholes could be avoided once and for all to ensure proper following of the socio - economic of the school drop - outs. The study in this regard is dedication to ensure that all the education stake holders in this region get to know how to conduct effective socio - economic status and school drop - outs. Therefore the effective policy and techniques were expected to be identified by this study to be used to guide the socio - economic status and school drop - out on how to come up with the measures of eradicating the problem which would be useful in the region.
A Research Report Submitted To Institute Of Open and Distance Learning Of Kampala International University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Diploma in Primary Education of Kampala International University
School Drop Out, Masaka District