Impacts of non-governmental organizations' services on poverty eradication in Nakapiripirit town council, Nakapiripirit district

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Kampala International University, College of Education Open and Distance learning
The topic of the study was the impacts of Non-governmental organizations services in poverty Eradication in Nakapiripirit Town Council in Nakapiripirit District. The main purpose of this was to establish extent to which people ofNakapiripirit Town council have benefitted from NGO services. The research, therefore, intended to examine the following objectives: • To establish whether NGO services have improved on the education in Nakapiripirit Local government • To determine whether NGO services improved health and medical services in Nakapiripirit Local government • To discover if people ofNakapiripirit district have benefited in livelihood programs of NGO services.The subject used administrative staff of Nakapiripirit town council, the non- governmental organization staff members of various NGOs, and the local community. The data was interpreted and analyzed by editing, coding and tabulating in computer, the design instruments for data collection was observation, questionnaires and interview Primary and secondary data was used after data analysis, discussions are done, conclusion drawn and recommendations for practice made.
A Research Report submitted to the College of Education Open and Distance learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of Bachelor of Public Administration and Management of Kampala International University
non-governmental organizations, poverty