Effect of religion on the academic performance of students in Nakaloke Sub County, Mbale District

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Kampala International University.College Of Education
The study was carried out to establish the impact of religion on the academic performance of students. The population in this study involved teachers and girls of the sampled schools in the sub county. The main instruments employed in this study were open and closed ended questionnaires and structured interview guides. This research paper is made up of the following major parts; Chapter one is the introductory part. It consists of the background information, statement of the problem, theoretical framework, among others. It's therefore the chapter that gives a foundation to the research paper. Chapter two is literature review. This a chapter that shows different ideas of people who have ever written about how religion affects the academic performance of learners. Chapter three is methodology of research. It gives an insight into the how of the research by looking at the objectives, research questions, data collection instruments, sample techniques, statistical treatment of data and others. Chapter four is the data presentation and analysis. It describes what was got from the field using both qualitative and quantitative data. It is therefore this chapter that shows respondents view on whether religion affects the academic performance of learners. The last chapter deals with the discussion, conclusions and recommendations it gives a summary of the findings and possible recommendations from he researchers point of view of what can be done to put things very right
Research report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of Diploma in Education of Kampala International University Kampala – Uganda
Religion, Academic performance, Students, Nakaloke Sub County