Accountability and promotion of education service in primary schools in Kole District. a case study of Ayer Sub-County

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Kampala International University.College Of Education
This work consists of effects of accountability and promotion of education service in Kole district. Accountability is a process whereby one is required to justify his or her actions. This involves giving evidence that resources provided have been put to good use. And on this context, it must be seen from the promotion of education service when these resources entrnsted to people facilitate learning. A school has a person(s) entrusted with the responsibility of receiving human resource, finances and physical assets, putting them into use, overseeing the use and supervising their operations and activities. When meeting this responsibility, the human resource managers have authority to get evidence so that those being supervised are properly and efficiently utilizing the resources to promote academic pe1f01mance. Therefore supervisors require those below them to account for their activities. For instance a head teacher expects accountability from the teachers, in turn the school management committee or community and the DEO expect accountability from the head teacher and the CAO expects accountability from the DEO Kole district being a new district which has taken only two years now have been tiying to initiate total accountability to enable the promotion of education service in primary schools but the initiative has far not been subsequent. The study is rep01ied in subsequent chapters. The study was guided by three independent variables on accountability namely; Human resource, Financial management and physical against three dependent variables on education service as; staff welfare, budgeting, quality and quantity of the service. The study was set to answer three research questions formulated by the researcher. These included; How does Human resource affect education service in primary schools in Kole district? How does financial management affect education service in primary schools in Kole distiict? To what extend does the physical accountability affect education service in primary schools in Kole district?
Research project submitted to the College of Open and Distance Education department as a partial fulfillment for the award of a bachelor degree in Education of Kampala International University.
Accountability, Promotion, Education service, Primary schools