Analysis of the causes and implications of child marriages in Uganda: a case of Luweero District

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Kampala International University.College of Law
The past two or so decades in Uganda have witnessed a surge in incidents of early or child marriages. This research attempts to analyze the age-old practice from the lenses of the sociocultural dynamics. In so doing, these dynamics are understood or at least perceived to create a socio-economic classification of "superiority" and "inferiority" amongst males and females respectively. As such, female bodies are viewed as mere objects and in this context "sexual objects" that men can use at any time of their choosing and pleasure. Of major discomfo1t to the analysis shall therefore be the role played by culture and socio-economic factors on the surge of child maniages. My conclusion therefore is that through the spectacle of child marriages which unsurprisingly largely affects the girl child, society is trying to re-write the script of history underpinned by male domination and looking at the female gender using "sexual lenses".
Dissertation submitted to the school of Law in partial fulfilment for the a ward of the Diploma in Law of Kampala International University
Implications, Child, Marriages, Uganda