The impact of drug abuse on morals behaviors in homes in Lari Division, Kiambu District, Kenya

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Kampala International University ,College of Education
The study analyzed Drug Abuse and moral behavior in homes a case study of Lan Division, Kiambu District Kenya. The study aimed at investigating the influence of excessive drugs taking on morals behavior in families in Lan Division. This was upon the background that, the increasing cases of domestic violence, school dropout, and child neglect and sex abuse in Lan are highly related to drugs taking. The study was guided by objectives that included establishing the reasons for taking drugs by the people in Lan; to examine the life experiences in families with members that take drugs and to suggest solutions to the problems faced by various families as a result of drugs consumption. The study was sought through quantitative and qualitative designs while the latter was derived from documentary review~ from various libraries. The study established that, the major factors that lead people to consume drugs include; influence of peers, cultural influence, family moral decadence unemployment, and unfair government policy. The study also examined the life experience in families with members that take drugs which were, domestic violence, hunger, irreligiousness, sex abuse, school drop out, poor health , poor interpersonal relations and how levels of investment among others. The study suggested that; the local and religious leaders should educate the public about the dangers of drugs parents should take their chi!dren advice, employees drugs consumption should be formulated and implemented. People should be counselled, creation of new jobs and setting up of better recreation activities and centers. The study therefore concludes that; the weakening of the cultural system has led to moral decadence in families, poor government policy unemployment has led to high levels of poverty , which all lead to people turning desperate and this consume drugs. Unfortunately drugs badly affects people health, leads to domestic violence, ~sex abuse, school drop out among other effects which lead to high level of poverty.
A research report presented to the faculty of education in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelors Degree of Education (g/c option) of Kampala International University
Drug Abuse, Morals Behaviors