Child Labor and Educational Attainments of Students in Mbulamuti Subcounty in Kamuli District

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Kampala International University, College/School of Education
This study investigated the effects of child labor on students’ educational attainments. The objectives for this study were to establish the causes of child labor in the area of study, establish the relationship between child labor and performance in primary schools and lastly to find out the measures in place to mitigate child labor among school going children. A systematic random sampling of 100 respondents was carried out; questionnaires were used to collect quantitative data. While face to face in-depth interviews were conducted to collect qualitative data from key informants. The data obtained was analyzed using frequency distribution tab/es percentages, descriptive statistics and regression tables. From the study findings, the causes of child labor involve domestic chores which children are subjected to before going to school and after school in the evening. Fifty percent of the children studied worked for some form of payment which agrees with the ILO report (1983; 12) which observes that most children are involved in paid and un paid work. The findings, a/so showed that child labor affect students’ academic performance as was revealed on the poor academic achievements by students exposed to labor were mostly female% compared to their male counterparts. The study therefore recommends that the government should government should develop strategies to reduce or eradicate child labor activities as well as enforce policies on child labor spelt out in the international agreements it has signed and the constitution which spell out the rights of the children.
A Research Report Submitted to The College of Education Open and Distance-Learning as A Requirement in Partial Fulfilment of The Award of a Bachelor of Arts with Education of Kampala International University
Child Labor, Educational Attainments, Students