Absenteeism and Learners Performance in Siaya Central Primary School, Siaya District, Nyanza Province

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of education
The study was to establish the effects of absenteeism on learners' performance in Siaya central primary school in Siaya District, Nyanza Province, Kenya and the research was guided by the following objectives; to establish causes of absenteeism in Siaya primary school, and to establish the ways to reduce absenteeism in Siaya primary schools. The findings of the study showed that, there are a number of causes of absenteeism included age related problems, gender, learning disabilities, psychological problems, disintegrated family structures, food insecurity, child labor, transport, HIV/ AIDS, teenage pregnancy, difficult Subject matter, school fees problems, learner to educator ratio, learner educator relationships, competence of educators, punishment for late-coming and poor school facilities. The ways to reduce absenteeism included improving the competence of teachers, improve school facilities, improve educator -learner relationship, introduce regular 'spot checks' for specific lesson truancy, rewards for pupils or classes with regular attendance, and Penalize students who are persistently late. The research concluded that there was there is need to stop absenteeism decreases performance and therefore deserves attention. Based on the research findings, the following were the recommendations, that there is need for Siaya central primary school to introduce regular 'spot checks' for specific lesson truancy, rewards for pupils or classes with regular attendance , penalties for students who are persistently late and absentees, include absence data on teacher record to make the teachers fear absenting themselves unnecessarily as it shows poor reputation about them, put in place incentives programs that that will help to improve attendance such as good work conditions, time, equipment to enable good performance form both teachers and learners, and encourage good health as teachers who are healthy are less likely to fall sick which will make the teachers have time free from sickness to get more time to teach which will improve the performance the learners in turn.
A Dissertation Submitted to Institute of Open and Distance Learning in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of a Bachelor of Education of Kampala International University
Absenteeism, Learners Performance, Siaya Central Primary School