Teachers attitudes towards teaching learners who are mentally retarded: a case of St. Agnes Boarding Primary School Isibania,in KUria Disrict

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Kampala International University. College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The research was carried out to investigate teacher’s attitudes towards teaching learners who are mentally retarded. It was carried out at St. Annes Girl’s boarding primary school, in Isibania, Kuria district in Kenya. The research guided by the following objectives; Determining the level of professional qualifications of the teachers teaching the learners with mild mental retardation. Determining the commitment of teachers teaching the learners, determining if there is a significant relationship between the skills of the teachers handling the learners who are mentally retarded and their attitudes. The researcher employed the questionnaire as collecting tool and the presentation of the data was done using frequencies and percentages. The major research finds were; the teachers were all well trained to handle the mild retarded learners in St. Annes girls primary boarding school, Isibania. The teachers write well on the blackboard and this helps to cater for the mild retarded learners. The researcher recommended that there is need for both pre-service and in-service training for all teachers for familiarize themselves with the handicapped and there special education. In conclusion, the findings from the study indicated that there is significant relationship between teachers’ attitudes and the performance of retarded children.
A dissertation submitted to the institute pf Open and Distance Learning(IODL) partially fulfillment of the requirements for the award pf a degree in Education pf Kampala International University
Special Needs Learners, Primary Education, Mental Impairment