The relationship between teacher motivation academic performances for pupils of Kcpe 2001/7: case study of 50 schools of kangema division, Muranga district-Kenya

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Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning
The government since independence has tried to provide basic education to all in an endeavor to solve problems of illiteracy and ignorance with some degree of success. With coming to power of the N.A.R.C, government in 2002, F.P.E (Free Primary Education) was introduced The number of pupils increased as compared to earlier years and the performance started to nore dive. The study adopted a descriptive survey design to study adopted a descriptive survey design to study the problems leading to poor performance. The study utilized questionnaires to interview schedules as research instruments. The target population comprised of fifty teachers. The researcher used purposive sampling design because the researcher was interested with public primary schools who handle standard eight. The searcher analyze the data, tabulated, coded and processed manually. The responses were analyzed in a tabular form in form of frequencies and percentages. The researcher will benefit all stakeholders in the field of education including leaders, parents, pupils and other stakeholders in the education sector. From. The findings the cause of poor performance was as a result of low motivation of teachers. In conclusion, the researcher recommended that there should be frequent seminars, workshop opportunities for in service and refresher course offered on voluntary basis on various aspects of education. Salary to be reviewed and promotion of teachers to have an open policy.
A research report submitted to the institute of open and Distance learning in partial fulfillment of the award of Degree of education of Kampala international university.
Education, Teacher motivation, Academic performances, Kcpe 2001/7, Pupils, 50 schools of Kangema division, Muranga district