Analysis of management functions and performance of mutual health insurance in Rwanda a case of Huye District, southern province

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Kampala International University
This study entitled ‘‘Analysis of management functions and performance of mutual health insurance in Rwanda’’ was conducted with the aim of establishing the relationship between management functions and performance of MHI in Rwanda. The study was guided by the following specific objectives: i. To identify the factors that influence the performance of MHI in Huye district; ii. To carry out evaluation of performance of the MHI scheme; iii. To establish the relationship between community sensitization and performance of MHI in Rwanda. In order to attain the objectives above, the research design used was descriptive in nature in order to obtain profile characteristics of respondents, cross-section design and correlation design. The target population was composed of the management committee of the mutual health insurance at the district, sectors and cells in Huye district. The sample of 75 individuals was selected using Sloven formula and data for this study was collected through documentary sources, questionnaire and unstructured interviews. The study findings showed that majority of the MHI scheme’s managers have a low management capacity (69.33%). Concerning the resources’ mobilization, it was found that a lot of people are struggling for survival every day. So, they are less willing to pay insurance premiums in advance in order to use services at a later point in time. At the end of the work, recommendations were addressed to the Government of Rwanda concerning, especially, MHI scheme should organize regular community level meetings and workshops, where the members of the community could express their views on the design of the scheme. This creation of a sense of ownership and trust is important to control for moral hazard and for the acceptance and institutional stability of the scheme in general. This research will guide policymakers and provide useful insights within the Rwandan context as well as for other countries that are considering moving towards universal coverage through similar models.
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Mutual health insurance, Huye District, Rwanda