Causes of alcoholism and drug abuse among the youths aged 15 to 20 years in Kansanga, Kampala District

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was carried in kansanga, Kampala district. It was carried out to assess the causes of drug abuse and alcoholism among youth aged 15-20 years in this area. The study used qualitative and survey designs to assess the causes of drug abuse and alcoholism among the youth aged 15-20 years in kansanga, Kampala district The study population included the youth, local authorities, parents and medical workers. A sample of 150 respondents was selected using simple random and purposive sampling research technique. Data was collected using interview guides, observation techniques and questionnaires from both primary and secondary sources. Collected data was analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively and was tabulated. The study investigated the factors, types and causes of drug abuse and alcoholism in the area among youth. The study revealed that culture is the main cause of drug and alcoholic abuse among youth aged 15-20 years in Kansanga. The study suggested that youth should stay away from drugs and focus on their education in order to be responsible citizens and that the elders should not take alcohol insight of the young ones. According to the study, it was seen that peer pressure was another major cause of alcohol and drug abuse among youth; it was therefore recommended that parents should provide enough parental guidance to the youth and also encouraged them to attend youth Christian camps. The study also recommended that laws against drug abuse and alcoholism should be strengthened to people below 18 years, taking youth to rehabilitation centers those who abuse drugs and provide them with considering services concerning effects of drug abuse and alcoholism. - A sensitization programme should be taken up government to reach and to the youth concerning the danger effects of abusing drug and alcohol.
A research proposal submitted to the school of social science in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelor’s degree in Guidance and Counseling of a Kampala International University
Alcoholism, Youths, Kansanga, Kampala