The impact of Public Procurement Procedures on the Performance of Public Entities Case Study: Ministry of Education and

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management Sciences.
Uganda Public procurement directives compel Public Entities to purchase their works, services and product deliveries through mandatory Public procurement procedures. One of the biggest practical frustrations/problems faced comes from malpractices which is corruption in Public procurement. This study sought to evaluate the impact of Public procurement procedures on the performance of Public entities. It was carried out in the Ministry of Education (Uganda). The research adopted descriptive case study design. Data were collected through the administration of questionnaire. The liker! scaling method was used to determine the weight of the respondents' perception on the impacts of Public procurement procedures. The performance of Procuring Entities has shown the means to effective and efficient control and monitoring of the procuring procedure, the impact and the benefits of the Public procurement procedures are obtained due to efficient procurement process. The main stages of the Public procurement procedure according to the legislation in force in order to emphasize the strengths are presented by the literature, hence improving the performance of the Public Entities.
A project report submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Supply and Procurement Kampala International University.
Public Procurement Procedures, Performance, Impact, Public Entities, Ministry of Education and Sports