Factors influencing malnutrition of children in Kasambya sub county Mubende district Uganda:

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Kampala International University, College/School of Education and distance learning.
A study on the factors influencing ma/nutrition was carried out in Kasambya sub county with the purpose of investigating and establishing the factors influencing ma/nutrition of children in Kasambya. The specific objectives of the study were; to establish the rate of ma/nutrition of children in Kasambya. To establish whether the occupational and economic status of parents will influence the nutrition status of their children. To find out if the educational attainments of parents contributed to the nutritional status of their children. To asses out the role of government in the prevention of malnutrition. The population studied consisted of 49 men and women from the community and] medical officer from Kasambya dispensary. The methods used in the investigation were qualitative,descriptive and observatory given the nature of the research problem. Data was obtained from two sources namely prünary data from questionnaires and interviews, and secondary data from government reports and other documents such as textbooks.dings from the study revealed that indeed malnutrition was part of the health problems in Kasambya. It was also discovered that the resident knew ilttle about proper nutrition that is why they were not fully practicing it. It was also realized that their little know/edge was due to their low educational attainments. Another discovery was that a great number of them were flying in poverty and therefore had difficulty in providing a balanced diet to their families,give their nature of subsistence activities. Findings also revealed Governments ineffectiveness in facilitating the child health and nutrition programme and that it concentrated on curative programmes. It was also learnt that government was servicing an overwhelming budget for the health sector. The following were recommende of intensifying plan for modernization of agriculture to increase the rural populations income. Government to monitor and promote protein energy nutrition among the children, support breast feeding, initiate micro-nutrient deficiency preventing and control measures. Increase efforts in PHC and to take steps towards greater emphasis in preventive measures. And to add more details in health education being taught in primary schools.
a research report submitted to the institute of continuing and distance studies in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the award of a diploma in primary education of Kampala international university.
influencing malnutrition, Mubende district Uganda