Document Repository and Workflow System A Case Study of Parliament of Uganda.

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Kampala International University, School of Computer and Information Technology.
The project report was undertaken in order to learn and use systems and standards for Parliamentary documents. Systems for managing documentation in digital formats can make Parliamentary operations efficient and help increase the transparency of the institution. These systems are evolving to encompass the entire lifecycle of documents from creation through management, dissemination, and long term preservation. Within these phases documents may be edited and amended by various “authors”; exchanged with different organizations and systems; transformed, for purposes such as searching; validated and certified via digital signatures; rendered in various modes, including printing on paper and online displays; and integrated with other documents.. In particular, it is suggested from the researcher and the main goal is to streamline the flow of information in the Parliament of Uganda through the design and implementation of a Document Repository, a web portal and Workflow system for the Parliament of Uganda. This report describes the features of a document repository and work flow systems that are used around the world, the technical information relating to the project, the methodology that the developer used, the functional and non functional requirements, the features of the new system, the implementation of the system and finally the testing that was used. This project was extremely helpful for the programmer because it gave him the opportunity to learn a software development tool and to consider a software product from the legal point of view.
A project report submitted to the School of Postgraduate Studies in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science of Kampala International University.
Workflow System, Document, Repository, Parliament, Uganda