Pupils, Attitude towards Their Academic Performance in Selected Primary School in Nandi Hills Division, Chebarus Zone Nandi East District Kenya

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of education
The study was carried out to establish the effect of pupils' attitude towards their academic performance. It was guided by a number of objectives which were:- to examine the factors that affect pupils, ie their background, motivation of pupils and school environment which affect pupils attitude. The study mainly concentrated in Nandi Hills Division, Chebarus Zone Nandi East District. The study focused on pupils to determine the impact of attitude towards their academic performance. Since the zone examination results keep on declining year by year. Questionnaires were issued out and random interviews were also carried out on the target population of 500 respondents the research findings examined that there are a number of features that were needed by different category of respondents due to personal reasons such as pupil's behavior, pupils capabilities and influence. The research concluded that in order to improve pupils performance in Nandi Hills Division, Chebarus Zone Nandi East District pupils should be motivated This study' s findings may have important implications for understanding how pupils learn in the classroom. Consonant with previous research, they indicate that both engagement in school and pupils' perception of their own academic competence influence achievement in academics. This study suggests that the earlier schools and teachers begin to build pupils' confidence in their ability to do well, the better off pupils will be. Because pupils' perceptions of their capacity for success are keys to their engagement in school and learning, schools should be designed to enhance pupils' feelings of accomplishment. Teachers whom pupils see as supportive and who set clear expectations about behavior help create an atmosphere in which pupils feel in control and confident about their ability to succeed in future educational endeavors. From the research findings the following recommendations can be emphasized, that for high pupils performance pupils should be motivated and discipline be emphasized and pupils learn in favorable environment.
A Research Project Submitted To Institute Of Open and Distance Learning In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of Bachelors Degree in Education of Kampala International University
Academic Performance, Chebarus Zone Nandi East District Kenya