Stock and customer order management system case study: Hargeisa Keyse Bushaaro, Somaliland

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Kampala International University, College of Computing and Information Technology
he Project Supermarket Management System deals with the automation of supermarket. It includes both sales and purchase of items. The project Supermarket Management System is to be developed with the objective of making the system reliable, easier, fast, and more informative. There is a lot of reason for the introduction of this project. In the manual System, there are number of inefficiencies that a salesperson faces. Large records-books have to be maintained where relevant and irrelevant information has to be stored which is very untidy and clumsy process. But our System will reduce paper works. On the other hand, there are many inherent problems that exist in any manual system. Usually, they lack efficiency. Less efficiency has a great impact on the productivity of any human being keeping the data up-to-date. The different modules to be included in our project are administrative module, employee module, purchase module, sales module, order module, expenses module and others. Administrator allocates unique username and password to the employees. Each employee will login then with the help of his/her unique id and password. Purchase and Sales module will contain all the purchase and sales details. All the payment details will be captured in the database and calculated.
A project report submitted to the school of computer studies as a partial fulfillment of bachelor degree of computer science of Kampala International University.
Stock, Customer order, Management system, Somaliland