An investigation on girl child marriage and its causes in primary schools: a case study of Malera Sub County, Bukedea District

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Kampala International University.College Of Education
This study was guided by the topic an investigation on girl child marriage and its effects in primary schools, case study on Malera Sub County Bukedea district. The objectives used are:- (i) To find out the role of policy makers and implementers in handling issues of early marriages. (ii) To identify the causes of early marriages. (iii) To identify the intervention strategies for reducing early child marriages. The design used is both quantitative and qualitative research designs. Quantitative method presented the results in a mathematical form while qualitative method involved a human based judgment. The sample size was 80 respondents selected from the respondents (mainly from class teachers, head teacher, local councilors, parents, early marriage victims, chairperson SMC, PTA and DCDO. A well designed questionnaire was used to collect data in the simplest language favoring all the parties in Malera Sub County in order to obtain other rele,ant information and data collection mdhods like inter\ ie\\' guide. The study findings rcycalcd that the issue or early marriages 1s very common in fvlalcrn Sub County because or orphanage. po, erty. famine. h:.!r atlcndants. Conclusion: In cnnclusion the study re, ca led that early marriages in tvlalcra Sub Cnunty is a product of school based factors, social economic issues, student and parents· negative attitude towards girl child education. Recommendation: One of the recommendations is, (i) to the stake holders, all should participate in sensitization of girl child to take up education seriously, parents should provide basic needs for girl child education.
Research report submitted to the College of Education, Open and Distance Learning, in partial fulfillment for the award of a bachelors degree in Primary Education of Kampala International University
Girl child, Marriage, Primary school, Bukedea District