Public service motivation and job performance in Bondhere District, Mogadishu, Somalia

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Kampala International University(KIU)
The study seeks to establish the relationship between Public service motivation and job performance in Bondhere district, Mogadishu, Somalia. The objectives of the study were to; (i) determine the how motivation of public servant improves job performance in Bondhere district, Mogadishu, Somalia. (ii) Examine the factors that motivate the workers of public service in Bondhere district, Mogadishu, Somalia. (iii) Investigate the relationship between motivation and job performance in Bondhere, district, Mogadishu, Somalia. The research used a descriptive design, descriptive correlation, ex-post factor, cross sectional and survey designs in collecting data from the study population totaling 400 respondents. Sampling technique was used to select the sample of 200 respondents from the Bondhere, district, local government officials, councilors, officials and other authorized person. Data was analyzed using descriptive analysis option of SPSS version (16.0), and was then presented using Pearson correlation. It was found out that, Motivation remains is a vital push factor in the performance of workers. Not with standing this, in Bondhere district, workers were found to be poorly motivated. The poor motivation has had a domino effect on work performance and the output of workers. It has resulted in poor attitude towards work, lateness to work, absenteeism and indiscipline.The study recommends that concerned public service in Bondhere district needs to reward workers properly since it will motivate them to do a better job. There is an urgent need for management at the district level to institute end of year awards to particularly the junior staff who have committed much of their energy to work thereby contributing largely to the attainment of the mission and vision of the district. The study recommends that there should be financial decentralization from the central administration to the various sectors of the district. It is therefore necessary to decentralize financial administration at the Bondhere district that will enable management to meet the daily work challenges workers encounter on the various districts.
PublicService Motivation, Job Performance, Somalia